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Tires- Body Car
Tires- Body Car

Car tires provide cushion between the road's surface and the metal rim, while providing a comfortable ride for the car's passengers. Car tires provide traction and grip which allows the vehicle to make turns without losing control. Car tires are essential components on a vehicle, and they need to be maintained and rotated on occasion for optimal performance and safety.

There are many different sizes of car tires. Most car tires fit most car rims. The average sizes for car rims are between 14" and 19", however, there are larger and smaller sizes that may be used for special applications. Using larger rims is a popular way to make the vehicle look "sporty". However, it is important that the size of the tire does not increase, with the increase of the rim. Increasing the tire's size can cause gear and speedometer failure.

The materials used to make tires are, synthetic rubber, natural rubber, fabric and wire, along with other compound chemicals. The makeup of a tire consists of a tread, which provides traction, and a body which provides support. In order to ensure that there is room in the tire for air, basic car tires are doughnut shaped. In order to reduce wear and make the tire sturdy, there are cords and wire encased in the tire at the time of manufacturing.

The most important part of the tire is its tread. Tires must have tread in order to retain traction while driving. There are many different types of tread patterns. Some tread patterns are optimum for use in rain or snow, while other tread patterns are made for smooth pavement. The style and shape of the tread pattern plays a large role in how the tires wear. The tire's tread assists in moving any water, snow, or even rocks out of the main tread surface in order for there to be as much rubber on the ground's surface as possible.

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