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Gauges & Accessories- Tire Gauges
Gauges & Accessories- Tire Gauges

Tire gauges are designed to measure the pressure of the tires, on all types of vehicles. Regulating the tire's pressure ensures that the tires are at the proper pressure. Tires not at the appropriate pressure consume more fuel, therefore lower miles to the gallon, minimize the tire tread life, and increase the chance of an unexpected and premature tire failure. It is recommended that tire pressures be taken regularly using the tire gauge,before the vehicle has been driven. When the tire heats up, the internal pressure of the tire changes due to the expansion of the gases within the tire, therefore giving a higher psi reading, when the tires are hot. Most tires require a psi rating around 32 psi, so a 0 to 60 psi gauge is acceptable. The general rule of thumb is that the tire gauge reads double, what the inflation pressure is set at. New tire gauges should be accurate within +/- 3 psi. Tire gauges can be affected by temperature, humidity, and altitude, therefore proper storage is in order.

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