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Tire Covers
Tire Covers

Tire covers are used on vehicle's in order to cover up the vehicle's spare tire and protect it from the elements, while giving the spare tire a more appealing "look". These covers are most commonly found on vehicles that have a tire carrier, which is typically located on the back of the vehicle near the tailgate. There are many different styles, designs and colors which can be chosen to match the vehicle and/or the personality of the person who owns the vehicle. Covering a spare tire on the outside of the vehicle, also protects the tire from corrosion and deterioration.

The material used to make tire covers varies, however, the most common material is leather with has an elastic edge on the cover which keeps the cover secured around the tire. Some covers employ a system of strings which secure the cover around the tire. The inside of these fabric covers is typically covered with cotton, which may prevent scratches or smudges on the tire if rubbed against by an object. Plastic covers are also used, however, most of these come stock on the vehicle, and need to be secured to the tire in order to keep it from vibrating against the vehicle. The size and width of the tire is important when purchasing a tire cover. Tire covers range from small (28” diameter) to XXX large (35” diameter) and fit most vehicles.

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