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Tire Carrier
Tire Carrier

A tire carrier is a device which is attached to the vehicle in order to carry the spare tire. Tire carriers are popular with off road vehicle enthusiasts, where the need for the spare tire is common. The location of tire carriers varies, however, they are typically placed on the back of the vehicle or on the roof. For off road vehicle's which carry cargo, having the tire carrier placed at the back of the vehicle is very popular. In order for the tailgate to open, the carrier is mounted on one side, which allows it to swivel open and closed with the tailgate.

Spare tires may be heavy and large, therefore, the mounting system on the tire carrier must be heavy duty. In order to support the weight of the tire, the mounts of the carrier are bolted to the frame or tailgate, which ensures there will be no movement of the tire once the carrier has been closed. When installing an aftermarket tire carrier that is not stock, drilling may be needed if the carrier does not have existing mounting points.

The material used to make tire carriers is typically tubular steel which remains strong and resilient under stress and pressure. Since steel is prone to rust, a corrosion resistant finish is applied to the metal. The tire is mounted to the carrier with large bolts which go through the lug nuts on the spare tire. The screws which secure the tire in place can be easily tightened and removed whenever the spare tire is employed.

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