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Automotive Throttle Body Air Horn
Automotive Throttle Body Air Horn

The air horn is a component of the throttle body, which is designed to convert the pressure difference between bore, and entrance ,into air velocity with minimal energy loss. Air horns come in many shapes and sizes to fit the many different configurations that they can be installed. The design of the air horn is made for optimal air flow with the use of a flared top to allow air from the sides to get sucked in. Another job of the flare is to spread the low pressure zone over the largest area possible which helps get rid of disrupting pressures which may build up in the tube and interrupt air flow.

The tube of the air horn is designed to accelerate airflow smoothly and progressively. To do this, the tube has its radius increasing constantly until the angle of the sides match the throttle body. Air horns are used to increase the overall required length of the system. There is no one air horn design that is categorized to work best for all applications because every vehicle has different air flow dynamics which can affect airflow into the horn itself. When choosing an air horn, the diameter of the inside horn should correspond to that of the inlet diameter of the throttle body. Air horns come in many different materials such as aluminum, carbon fiber, and steel.

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