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Automotive Tailgate Lock
Automotive Tailgate Lock

Tailgate lock's are used on the tailgate of a truck,in order to prevent theft. Having a tailgate lock is especially useful when there is a tonneau cover, or lid on the back of the truck. Having a cover and a tailgate lock allows the back of the truck to have the same security as the inside of the truck which helps protect tools and other items which are commonly kept in the bed of a truck. Tailgate lock's are usually very simple to install and come in many different finishes.

Tailgate lock's can either be manual or automatic. When using a manual lock, a key is used to unlock and lock the tailgate. If an automatic lock is being used on the tailgate, it can be opened or locked using a key fob or button in the passenger compartment just like automatic locks work for the doors. An automatic tailgate lock is able to easily connect directly to the wireless entry system in the truck if it already has one for the front passenger compartment.

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