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Swiss Tech Tools has been combining Swiss craftsmanship with American innovation since 1996 when they first introduced the Micro Tech 6-in-1 transportable tool. This invention gave way to a new category of consumer products “key ring tools” and no one has been able to duplicate the quality, design, and development of Swiss Tech Tools. Swiss Tech was able to supply the demand of the consumer with their readily available tools due to the fact that they are able to be attached to a key ring with their integrated, quick-release design which eliminates the need for extra key rings. Swiss Tech designs and manufactures some of the lightest most compact tools available on the market. Each product is designed with the consumer’s needs in mind and it shows. Swiss Tech is dedicated to excellent customer service and providing high quality goods that are ergonomic and useful for a good value. Every product made is precision crafted, expertly designed to be able to be used by anyone, and includes these unique products: Multi-Tool, Drivers, Auto, Personal Safety, Convenience, and Micro Tools.

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