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Automotive Supercharger Parts & Accessories
Automotive Supercharger Parts & Accessories

A supercharger is a complex system with many components,and is comprised of the head unit, manifold, pulleys, belts, injectors, bypass valve, fuel pump or boost pump, and the boost retard box. All of these parts work together to inject more air into the engine which leads to significant power gains.

There are many common accessories and upgrades that can be used on a supercharger to increase its performance and its looks. One of the most common and helpful accessories is high performance lubricant. Keeping the supercharger lubricated will increase its longevity and its performance. Lubricated parts ensure for a cooler running unit that will be able to function more efficiently. Another common accessory is stainless steel lines. These lines are more resistant to corrosion and cracking, while providing better looks. Stainless steel lines can also be colored which can help identify certain lines when diagnosing a problem. Some other upgraded parts which are commonly replaced on a supercharger are the pulleys, valves, belts, and the pump. All of these parts are replacements on a supercharger that can be easily switched out for an increase in performance and reliability.

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