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Stromberg Carlson is a third generation RV accessories manufacturer that was founded by David Stromberg in 1959. His commitment to quality and finding innovative solutions often led him to be very hands on. So much that you could often find him on the shop floor with his dress shirt rolled up and getting his hands dirty, making sure that everything was working correctly.

When Robert Brammer Sr. took over, he was a man of his word and believed that your word is your worth. Traveling through a young industry, he was able to cement relationships and meet the needs of his company’s customers. He knew that he could not accomplish his own goals without first meeting his customer’s needs.

Charles and Robert Brammer Jr. are now the third generation in the business. Robert Jr. joined the Stromberg Carlson team after graduating college in 1983 and with his brother has developed reliable manufacturing systems. They too are very hands on, scrapping their knuckles making proto types and travel the roads meeting their customers.

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