Straps & Tie Downs

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Straps & Tie Downs
Straps & Tie Downs

Straps & tie downs are commonly used in order to secure cargo on to a vehicle, or trailer. Using this type of mechanism ensures that heavy or expensive cargo is secure. Straps and tie downs are more effective than ropes, due to the fact that their length and tension can be easily adjusted.

Tie down's are designed to be simple and convenient. The tie down works with the use of a ratchet, which has a wide strap which runs through the ratchet. When the ratchet is completely open, the strap can be pulled through and adjusted to the desired length. Once the strap is in place, the ratchet is open and closed until the desired tension is achieved. Once the desired level of tension is achieved, the ratchet is closed and locked. The ratchet mechanism can tighten the strap very tightly, creating a great amount of tension. Due to the amount of tension put on the strap it is essential to ensure that the ends of the strap are secured properly. Most straps have metal hooks which can be easily attached to something that can withstand the tension of the hooks and the tension of the straps.

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