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Automotive Steering Wheel Lock
Automotive Steering Wheel Lock

A steering wheel lock is designed to wrap around, or secure itself, to the steering wheel, which prevents the vehicle from being driven, while it is on. Steering wheel lock's come in many designs which all serve the same purpose which is limit the movement of the steering wheel while the lock is on. They are usually made out of a very hard and sturdy material such as steel which is resistant to sawing, prying, or Freon attacks. Steering wheel locks serve as a deterrent to thief’s by displaying that the vehicle is protected without them having to even look inside.

The most common seen steering wheel lock is the club style lock. This lock is usually a bar which is a few feet long that has hooks which stick out and wrap around the steering wheel. The club style lock is made of two pieces which slide together and lock to ensure a tight fit on all steering wheels of different sizes. The design of the club style lock uses a long bar so if the vehicle is started, the driver would not be able to fully turn the steering wheel without hitting panels in the vehicle or the driver’s own leg.

Modern designed steering wheel lock's have become more slim and high tech. A newly designed steering wheel lock is more likely to fit around the entire steering wheel, or secure itself to the dash board which leaves little room to tamper with the lock. Many of these new locks also feature some sort of alarm system which will go off if it detects any kind of tampering with the device. A lot of new steering wheel locks will take advantage of the top part of the steering wheel where there is more room to attach a lock. Locating the lock at the top of the wheel also makes the lock easily viewable through the windshield which will deter thieves.

Since steering wheel lock's are only attached to the steering wheel, they can be removed by someone who really knows what they are doing. The most common way that these locks are defeated is by cutting away part of the wheel to remove the lock. There is also a tool which many lock smiths carry which consists of a handle and a hook. This device can break locks by inserting the hook into the lock and twisting the handle which will either break the lock in two, or fold it. Steering wheel lock's are almost never 100% thief proof, but they greatly reduce the risk that a vehicle is stolen or tampered with.

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