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Automotive Sound Bar
Automotive Sound Bar

A sound bar is an aftermarket accessory, which attaches to a roll cage,in order to house speakers. Primarily created for Jeeps, the growth of the UTV market has spurred some manufactures to create a smaller sound bar for use in UTV's. With a varying amount of speakers and speaker types, the overheard sound bar position delivers superior sound while driving with the top down. Traditional sound bar's are hard wired into the existing stereo system of the vehicle but new models offer a pre-wired system that allows the user to plug in their iPod or mp3 player. Many sound bar model's also encompass reading lights for map reading.

Sound bar's come in a variety of finishes, from a hard textured plastic that is highly durable. To water-resistant fabric, that comes in a wide variety of colors. To install a sound bar, there are a few options. Some attach with the use of Velcro straps or zippers, while there is also the option to permanently install the sound bar using the mounting brackets that many manufactures include.

Most sound bar's are custom made, so ensuring the year, make and model of the vehicle is a must.

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