Ski Racks

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Ski Racks
Ski Racks

Ski racks are used on a vehicle, in order to secure skis or snowboards, to the roof of the vehicle. Having a ski rack is essential for anybody who does allot of skiing because it eliminates the hassle of trying to fit long skis in the car. It is also a good idea to store skis outside because it eliminates any water buildup in the car which can occur once the snow on the skis begins to melt. Ski racks can hold numerous pairs of skis depending on the size and style of the rack being used.

There are many different types of ski racks so that the right one can be chosen to fit a specific vehicle. These different style racks can be designed to fit on a vehicle that already has a standard roof rack or a vehicle that has no rack at all. Most ski racks will use a system of two bars that are position towards the front and rear of the vehicle. These two main bars have an opening in the center of them so that the skis or snowboard can be slipped into place. Once everything is in place, the bars are tightened up so that the opening gets smaller which will keep the skis from shifting while driving. To prevent any damage to the skis, most racks will have rubber or foam inserts were the bars are tightened so that there is some cushion between the two hard surfaces once things get tightened. Ski racks are typically made out of strong material such as aluminum, plastic, or a finished steel so that they don’t crack, bend, or degrade when exposed to harsh elements.

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