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Here at Shopper Outlet Network we’ve decided it was time to unveil a new approach, one that afforded consumers an opportunity to get visibility to products, brands, retailers, great information, and social interaction for information as well as for fun, while not disrupting or replacing existing ways companies do business. Our goal is to enhance the information available to a consumer in a clear and simple approach.

For decades the retail automotive aftermarket community has done its best to deliver visibility to products from manufacturers, both big and small, by giving them shelf space in their stores, and or in their direct mail order catalogs. As the thirst for new products grew, due to the massive expansion of vehicle models and model versions offered by vehicle manufactures, inventors and engineers in aftermarket manufacturers responded in mass, with a deluge of new products.

This proliferation of product, created a shelf space nightmare, and resulted in expanded use of the 80/20 rule, which meant, if 80% of your sales came from 20% of your products, then that’s what was on the shelf for consumers in stores. Also, during this time, the cost of producing print catalogs skyrocketed, so the same 80/20 rule was applied to mail order catalogs too.

With the advent of the Internet everyone thought, great unlimited shelf space, now we can show folks everything again, which turned out to be easier said than done. In today’s world, where we are overwhelmed daily by advertising, it’s becoming more and more challenging for that latest greatest product to get a chance to be seen, or thoroughly researched. We’ve all gone through the experience of trying to find something, and just give up or just settle for something else.

We don’t believe television spots that push on you to react, while a clock is ticking down is fair, let alone allowing you the opportunity to check and recheck any information you need to have to make a safe informed decision, and still get a good deal on the item.

The Shopper Outlet Network is that new approach. One dedicated to serving the needs for information and for availability to really great stuff, in our easy to use and navigate, directory interaction engine.

We here at the Shopper Outlet Network look forward to living up to the standard that we commit to here, and hope to earn your support and participation the old fashioned way, through trust.

Thank You, Shopper Outlet Network