Seat Heaters

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Seat Heaters
Seat Heaters

Aftermarket seat heaters, are a popular accessory,which have typically only been available factory installed, in luxury vehicles. The technology used by luxury car manufacturers, to produce seat heaters is becoming cheaper, and readily available. Seat heaters are popular for vehicles which have leather seats,which have the ability to retain the heat. Seat heaters warm much quicker than the vehicle's heating system, which requires the engine's temperature to reach a certain degree before putting out heat.

The seat heater's design consists of a heating element, and a long strip a material, which functions as a resister. As the electricity is sent through this long strip of material, the energy is turned into heat, which is what produces the warming under the vehicle's seat. The strip which is used as a resister, varies in length and can be custom fit to the vehicle's seat. A thermostat is used to control the amount of heat desired,and to turn the system on and off.

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