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Seat Belts
Seat Belts

Seat belts are used in vehicles,and secure the vehicle's occupants to their seats in the event of a collision, or sudden stop. Statistics have shown that when a collision occurs and a person was not wearing a seat belt, injury to the head and other parts of the body occurs,due to the pressure of being thrown against the dashboard and the vehicle's interior. There are many types of seat belts available,and they all provide the same function.

The first seat belt was the two point design, and it was commonly used throughout history until the 1980’s. The two point belt is fastened across the passenger’s waist and attached with a buckle. Two point belts were discontinued by manufacturers in 2007 due to new safety regulations,regarding passengers being injured by the two point belt when the vehicle was involved in an accident. Two point seat belts are still widely used in older vehicles, airplanes, and many large commercial vehicles throughout the world.

The seat belt which replaced the two point belt, is the three point belt. The three point belt has a similar design as the two point, however it includes an additional belt,which fastens across the chest, and above the shoulder. This design is safer and more efficient, because it spreads the energy created by a collision throughout the chest, pelvis, and shoulders. By the late 1980’s, the three point belt was installed in most vehicles.

Seat belts which use a four, five, or even six point harness are available in some high performance vehicles, and seats designed for children. These seat belts support the body in more places than a three point belt. These seat belts can be difficult to put on, and are typically more expensive,however,necessary in high performance vehicles which may experience a crash,and for children.

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