Roof Racks

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Roof Racks
Roof Racks

Roof racks are used on the roof of a vehicle,in order to secure cargo to the roof. These racks are used most when looking to secure larger items that may not fit in the car such as a bike or suit case. Roof racks are often seen as a standard feature on some new vehicles but they can also be added later on as an aftermarket accessory. Even though roof racks are mainly used to secure objects of various sizes, they may not be able to provide a secure hold on objects such as bikes which are a very large and awkwardly shaped. Because of this, secondary racks which are designed to secure specialized items can be attached to the roof rack itself to hold these items.

The complexity of a roof rack system may vary depending on the type of car it is going on. Some simple racks may only consist of two rails that run the length of the vehicle while other more complex racks may have multiple rails with adjustable bars to make securing items easier. The materials used to make roof racks are normally aluminum, plastic, or a finished steel. These high strength materials are used because they won’t crack or bend when throwing heavy objects on them or when tightening ropes to secure objects which are supported on the rack. Installation of aftermarket roof racks can be a challenging process for some people because it may require drilling in order to get a secure fit between the roof and the rack. Because of this, it is a good idea to get complex racks installed by professionals who have the expertise to install such things.

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