Roof Mounted Cargo Carriers

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Roof Mounted Cargo Carriers
Roof Mounted Cargo Carriers

Roof mounted cargo carriers are an aftermarket accessory,and are used for adding storage to a vehicle. These roof mounted cargo carriers are available in many shapes and sizes,in order to fit most vehicles. The most popular roof cargo carrier, is a plastic and metal design which mounts to the roof's rack. This carrier is typically flat and thin allowing the vehicle to remain aerodynamic. Since many of these plastic carriers are kept on the vehicle year round, they will often have many small features such as locks and handles, which allow easy access into it and the ability to keep anything in it secure. Hard case roof cargo carriers may take more time to mount thank other roof cargo carriers.

Many other roof mounted carriers are only used on long trips and are typically a square shape, and less aerodynamic. These carriers are typically made out of a strong water resistant fabric,which has heavy duty straps surrounding it, which can be tightened to secure everything inside. Once everything is put inside, the carrier is put on the roof and secured in place with tie downs and rope. The amount of room inside these roof mounted cargo carriers varies,however most are typically big enough to fit small suit cases, and loose miscellaneous items. These roof mounted carriers are limited in size, due to clearance issues relating to the height of the vehicle.

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CURT Manufacturing LLC

Rightline Gear

Lund International



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