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About Us

Rocky Mountain Radar is a dynamic, rapidly growing company that produces state of the art electronic products. The company was formed in the fall of 1989 as a consumer electronics company specializing in automotive after market products. The current products include laser and passive radar scramblers as well as a detector/scrambler combination unit. Rocky Mountain Radar currently operates in a new 5,000 sq.ft facility with 2 acres of extra land available for further expansion in this rapidly growing company.

Rocky Mountain Radar ships product to over forty countries and aggressively pursues export markets in the Far East. The company’s products are sold through national catalog firms, a major mail order company and through multiple Internet dealers. It maintains a proactive research and development program and will continue to introduce new and innovative products.

Rocky Mountain Radar has leveraged its technical advantage and innovative products to fund its growth totally from within. The company is active in the community and supports a host of various projects. Since its inception, Rocky Mountain Radar has fostered education through its active intern program, training projects, University support and mentoring programs. To back up its radar/laser detector and scramblers, Rocky Mountain Radar has a ticket rebate program that comes with many of its units. This program is a testament to the reliability of these products both in their construction and performance.

Building on its reputation for technical leadership, Rocky Mountain Radar has done work with the US Air Force to solve one of their problems by designing and producing a battery of Experimental GPS jamming systems for the GPS lab at Holloman AFB, New Mexico. Due to the total success of this first contract, Rocky Mountain Radar was used once again to design and produce a battery of extremely high gain, high power amplifiers for the next phase of the deception jamming GPS Program. They are currently advising the USAF on the next phase of high power, field deployable, portable transmitter set with remote control and signal modulation.

Our Specialty

Rocky Mountain Radar specializes in producing laser and passive radar scramblers as well as detector/scrambler combination units. Whether you are looking for a simple or very high end unit, Rocky Mountain Radar offers both at a reasonable price and with a warranty which backs up their quality and performance in the field.

Our Products


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