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Automotive Remote Starter
Automotive Remote Starter

A remote starter has the ability to start the vehicle's engine, from a good distance away. Remote starter's consist of a small box which is placed inside the engine compartment and hooked up to all the wiring, and a remote which is used to start the engine and sometimes do other things like unlock the doors. The box in the engine compartment is connected to the ignition switch, power wire, ignition wire, starter wire, brake wire, car's ground wire, and the tachometer wire. When this box receives a signal from the remote starter, the system turns the appropriate systems on which is why all those wires have to be connected to the box.

In manual transmission vehicles, remote starter's can be used but are more complex because the vehicle cannot be kept in park. When using a remote starter in a manual transmission car, the first thing that needs to be done is engage the emergency break. This will give a signal to the remote starter which allows the engine to keep running after the key is removed from the ignition. After removing the key from the ignition and double checking that the vehicle is in neutral, it is okay to open the door and get out. Once the door is shut, the engine should turn off which signals that the remote starter is engaged. This much more complicated process for manual vehicles is a safety measure to ensure the car doesn’t drive away if it is remotely turned on while in gear.

Remote starter's will not reduce the security of a vehicle even though it may be left unattended while the engine is running. Before the remote starter will allow the engine to turn on, all of the doors must be closed and locked. Remote starter's will also turn off the engine if the brake pedal is pressed without the key in the ignition. Holding in the brake pedal is the way an automatic transmission is allowed to shift gears which is why the starter shuts down the engine. Most remote starter kits also come with a tamper switch which is placed under the hood. This switch turns off the engine if it detects the hood being opened after the vehicle has been switched on using a remote starter.

Some advanced remote starter's can turn on in increments without the need to press a button on the remote. This feature would allow the vehicle to be turned on every few hours which can prevent freezing of fluids in the engine. Having a remote starter like this is especially helpful in really cold areas to prevent the windshield from getting a thick coat of ice on it. With this timing mechanism, the time that the car is turned on and off can be determined by the user and then programmed.

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