Rear Vision Camera

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Rear Vision Camera
Rear Vision Camera

Rear vision camera's are an accessory for vehicles, which help when maneuvering large vehicles, in to tight spaces. This camera allows the user to see behind the vehicle which is the biggest blind spot on most vehicles. Rear vision camera's can be built into the bumper, or fabricated as a license plate cover which fits on most vehicles. Rear vision camera's also have a screen which is connected to the camera in the back of the vehicle.

Most rear view camera's are only designed to turn on when the vehicle is put in reverse which saves power and causes less of a distraction while driving. A rear view camera may also be able to calculate the distance between the rear of the vehicle and the object that is closest to the camera. This can be helpful if the user can’t tell just by the rear vision camera how much space there is left to back up.

Rear vision camera's come in a variety of different styles which mainly depends on if you get it built into the car when you buy it, or as an aftermarket accessory. Built in rear vision camera's usually have the camera lens built into the bumper were it is hard to get damaged and is concealed from thieves. The screen which let's you view the rear vision camera, is usually either built into the dashboard, or is part of the rearview mirror. Both of these screen styles allow a clean look with no wires exposed.

Aftermarket camera's are usually located on the back of the vehicle using a license plate cover. An aftermarket rear vision camera may use a replacement rear view mirror as the screen, a built in dashboard screen, or a portable screen that can be mounted on the dashboard or put on the windshield using a suction cup. Aftermarket rear view camera's can either be wired to the fuse box or plugged into the cigarette light to get power. Instead of running a wire the length of the vehicle to connect the camera and the screen, a wireless rear view camera system are available which makes installation a lot easier.

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