Rear Traction Bars

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Rear Traction Bars
Rear Traction Bars

Traction bars are used on the rear suspension of a vehicle, in order to prevent the vehicle's leaf springs from twisting, due to the tremendous strain put on the traction bars from the wheels. If the leaf springs were to twist, an "S" formation could occur. If an "S" formation occurred, traction would be reduced and the drive shaft may have a sharp angle, which could greatly affect the power train. Leaf springs becoming twisted into an "S" formation only occurs during extreme acceleration, such as the acceleration done by race car drivers. Traction bars are commonly used by race car enthusiasts.

Traction bars are large, rigid bars, or tubes, of tempered steel, with pivoted brackets on either ends of the bar. The front end of the bar connects to the front spring mounts on the vehicle's frame, and the rear brackets bolt to the bottom of the drive axle. Traction bars keep the axle from twisting backward, while it forces the drive wheels to turn forward. This eliminates leaf spring twisting, and assists the rear drive wheels to remain forced down, for superior traction. Traction bars have a tendency to "stiffen up" while driving on rough surfaces, therefore causing an uncomfortable ride for the vehicle's passenger(s).

Traction bars are bolted in to place during installation, making installation convenient. When installed professionally, the bars can be tested and adjusted to achieve maximum performance. The type of traction bar needed is based on the type of suspension the vehicle has. Traction bars typically come in kits, which include brackets, bolts, and washers needed for installation.

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