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Radiator Hose
Radiator Hose

Radiator hoses keep the engine cool, with a steady flow of coolant from the radiator. The radiator hose has to be an irregular shape,in order for it to be able to be wound, through the components of the engine. Producing these hoses is difficult and expensive because each hose usually only fits a specific vehicle because of the engine configuration which requires hoses to bend in multiple locations. These hoses have to deal with the vibration of the engine which could easily shake the end of the hose off if it is not secured properly with clamps. A rupture of the radiator hose can cause overheating of the engine, and can make electrical sensors in the car malfunction if coolant the hose is carrying is sprayed on them from a split radiator hose.

The radiator hose connects the thermostat housing, water pump, the inlet neck of the radiator at the top, and the radiators outlet neck at the bottom. Connecting all these together allows the coolant to be redirected to all the necessary applications which used it, or cooled it. Radiator hoses are usually made out of rubber which can deteriorate faster if exposed to oil, the cold, water, or mud. Radiator hoses are usually changed every four to five years to prevent a sudden rupture while you are driving. This hose is usually 1.5 inches in diameter and can vary in length depending on the engine it is being used for.

Radiator hoses can either be molded, or flexible. Molded hoses are more preferred because they are stronger and last longer. Molded hoses will usually only fit the vehicle that they are made for because they come preformed to avoid rubbing against anything else in the engine. A flex radiator hose does the same job as the molded radiator hose, but it allows the installer to bend the hose before installing it making it universal to most automobiles. This hose is sometimes reinforced by metal which is built into the hose so that when it is bent, it will be hard for it to straighten back out when exposed to the high coolant temperatures. Flex hoses sometimes do not work on all applications because the angles can be so severe, that you can’t flex it to accommodate the bend.

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