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Racing Seat
Racing Seat

Racing seats are used in high performance vehicles where safety and performance, are more important than comfort.Most racing seats are bucket seats,due to the seat's ability to secure the body in place. Having support on the upper, and lower part of the body while taking sharp turns or accelerating quickly is important. Many leagues and tracks require a racing seat be installed prior to racing.

Aluminum and plastic are the most common materials used in the manufacturing of racing seats, due to their durability and light weight. Racing seats may be left bare or have a small layer of fabric,in order to provide some cushion,however comfort is not important due to the short amount of time race car driver's spend in their vehicle.

Many racing seats have holes and cutouts in their design, which reduces weight and allows for specialized harness seat belts and other components to be attached. A harnesses has many mounting mounts since it spans the entire length of the seat.

Since racing seats are an aftermarket accessory and have an odd shape,a specialized mounting system may be needed,in order for the vehicle to accommodate it, and to be able to withstand a crash properly.

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