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RV Leveler Kit
RV Leveler Kit

RV leveler kits are used when an RV is parked,and needs to be leveled. These kits may be as simple as a jack used with wood blocks, or a hydraulic system that is built into the RV ,which can level all four corners of the RV automatically, with the push of a button. RV leveler kits are especially helpful when camping in the woods, on unpaved roads. Making sure your RV is level when setting up camp is crucial.

Getting the right RV leveler kit is important. If you are someone who uses your RV a lot, then getting a fully automated kit would most likely be ideal. If you’re someone who travels in your RV a week or so, out of the year, then a set of scissor jacks may be all you need. Leveling off in dirt or soft ground can prove to be a challenge, and can take a long time to get right if you are doing everything manually, with a jack.

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