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RV Curtains
RV Curtains

RV curtains are used throughout an RV,in order to separate larger rooms into smaller ones, and to provide privacy, by covering the windows. Since people sleep in RV’s, it is important that all windows are covered, not only to provide privacy, but security. Without curtains, a thief can easily look though the windows and see if there is anything worth stealing inside. Curtains also keep damaging UV rays from entering the RV and damaging the plastic dash or panels inside. Since RV’s often have a lot of windows, heat is lost easily. Window curtains are typically made from fabric,which will help the RV conserve its heat.

RV window curtains also help provide privacy when driving,and using the restroom facilities. The shower in RV’s also has a curtain, which folds up upon itself,in order to provide added room. Another important curtain used in RV’s is a windshield curtain. Windshield curtains are only closed when the RV is not in use, and provide privacy for the front of the RV.

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Stromberg Carlson Products

Enjoy the comfort and privacy of your RV’s shower with Extend-A-Shower. Extend-A-Shower is like having a slide our room for your shower, it provides 30% more elbow room for a comfortable shower.

Extend-A-Shower by Stromberg Carlson

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