Overhead Console

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Overhead Console
Overhead Console

Overhead consoles are a popular storage method, which allows items such as,sunglasses, maps,cd's,garage door opener,screens for media,etc. to be stored on the roof of the vehicle's interior, and may be easily reached. These consoles typically span across the center of the vehicle,and ensure that the driver and passengers have optimum head clearance. These overhead consoles are typically storage compartments, however, lights and electrical buttons may be installed,for added convenience.

The size of overhead consoles varies from vehicle to vehicle. For example, a van is more likely to have a more complex overhead console than a small car, due to the fact that vans have more overhead space. Overhead consoles are typically installed by the vehicles manufacturer,however,there are custom made aftermarket models available,which are professionally secured to the ceiling of the vehicle. Overhead consoles are typically made out of a durable plastic or wood,and use the same materials as used for the vehicle's interior, so that all of the vehicle's interior matches.

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