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Gauges & Accessories- Oil Temperature Gauge

The oil temperature gauge allows the oil temperature to be monitored. This gauge ensures that the motor oil is not being prematurely broken down, which causes unnecessary wear to vital engine parts. The normal operating temperature range for oil is between 100°C and 120°C (212°-248°F). The purpose of the oil is to be used as lubrication for the moving parts in a vehicle, as well as cleaning and inhibiting corrosion. When monitoring the oil temperature, the sender is placed on the top of the oil filter. The most common type of oil temperature sensors, is the oil sump plate sensor. This sensor screws into the oil drain plug hole, and extends upward,in order to reach the oil. A hollow tube is ran from the end of the sensor,which is also referred to as the “bulb”, all the way to where the gauge is placed in the cabin. The hollow tube is filled with ether gas, and as the temperature from the oil pan heats, the gas expands, thus moving the needle that is inside the gauge, to the appropriate temperature.

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