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Nordic Auto Plow
Nordic Auto Plow

Nordic Auto Plow is a company based in West Chicago, Illinois. They specializes in the production and sale of lightweight personal use snow plows, which can be used on the front or back of most passenger vehicles, trucks and ATV’s. Inspiration Management Group, Ltd., the owner of the plow, has entered into an exclusive contract with Nordic Auto Plow to produce market and sell the product via the internet and retail stores. The company was founded by Richard Behan, the inventor and designer of this snow plow. He is a business professional with more than 30 years of experience in tax, finance and general business industry. Together with his management team, he brings the experience and knowledge necessary to successfully bring this unique product to market.

Our Specialty

Nordic Auto Plow specializes in a snow plow that attaches to most passenger automobiles and ATV’s using unique strapping system and cog assembly. The plows are formed from an ABS plastic making them light weight and inexpensive. This plow can also be used for many other uses than plowing snow. The plow also allows you to push sand, gravel, and other such items by vehicles for personal use.

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