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Automotive Nitrous Oxide System Accessories
Automotive Nitrous Oxide System Accessories

Nitrous oxide systems have many parts and accessories, which are all used to ensure top performance of the vehicle they are installed in. Some of the components in the nitrous system include the solenoid, nuts & washers, bottles, gauges, bottle brackets, nozzles, lines, and fittings. The main component of the nitrous oxide system is the bottle that stores the nitrous. This bottle is pressurized, and is categorized by the capacity it can handle. These bottles typically have high flow valves which allow the nitrous, to flow quickly through the lines and fittings that connect them. The lines are typically steel braided, to add strength and to keep contaminants out of the system. The solenoid is also one of the most important parts of the nitrous oxide system because it is what starts and stops the flow of fuel and nitrous. Solenoids are categorized by how much horsepower they can flow.

Nitrous oxide systems are most effective and efficient when bought in a kit. A kit can be purchased for a specific vehicle, in order to ensure that all the lines and parts, will match up perfectly to the vehicle. Buying in a kit will also prevent getting a system that is too big or small for the vehicle, which prevents damage that may be caused, if something else were installed. Kits also come with the exact number of fittings and lines that are needed to complete the system.

Accessories are also available for nitrous oxide systems. The most popular accessory on a nitrous system, is colored lines and fittings. Having colored lines and fittings serves for great dress up under the hood. It also allows the user to categorize where certain color wires connect, which allows for easier maintenance when diagnosing a problem. A wide variety of different bottles and brackets are also available, which can be useful when placing the bottle in hard to reach locations.

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