Molded Body Steps

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Molded Body Steps
Molded Body Steps

Molded body steps are an accessory which is commonly used on trucks and SUV’s to make getting in and out of the vehicle easier. These molded steps have many advantages over the more commonly used nerf bars. The main advantage of this step is its sleek design which is molded to the vehicle to blend in better and create a more original looking appearance. Another advantage of using this type of step is that it has a large surface area on it to provide a large grip surface for your feet. This will allow you to climb in and out of your vehicle without having to worry about slipping on a small step. Some molded designs also feature built in mud deflectors which will prevent rocks and dirt from being kicked up against the side of the vehicle.

Molded body steps can be made out of many different materials but the two most common materials used are metal and high strength polymer. Using a combination of these materials is preferred because it allows the step to be better matched to the color of the vehicle with the use of polymer while still getting a solid step with the use of a metal frame and mounting brackets. The polymer used in this product is also rust resistant and wont scratch or crack when exposed to the harsh elements. Molded body steps can be found on many new vehicles strait from the factory or they can be installed as an aftermarket part.

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