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Automotive Flywheel
Automotive Flywheel

A flywheel is mounted to the rear end of the crankshaft, in an automotive engine. On the outside edge of the flywheel there is a ring gear, this gear is engaged by the starter, which spins the flywheel, when starting a motor, the flywheel is also used to transfer the energy of the engine to the transmission. This is accomplished through the use of a clutch, only vehicles with a manual transmissions have a flywheel, automatic transmissions use a flex plate.

When the engine is running the crankshaft constantly spins. The flywheel is mounted to the crankshaft, using flywheel bolts, and it too constantly spins. When the vehicle is placed into gear, the clutch engages the flywheel,and as the clutch pedal is released, springs push the pressure plate against the clutch, which presses the clutch and the flywheel together. The friction material on the clutch is what holds the two units together.

Flywheels are available in many sizes and tooth counts, and it is important to use the correct flywheel for the engine and transmission. An incorrect flywheel may not bolt properly or can cause damage, to the engine or transmission.

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