Luggage Racks

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Luggage Racks
Luggage Racks

Luggage racks are used on the top of a vehicle,in order to provide a surface area, which allows luggage to be easily secured. Using one of these racks instead of storing the luggage inside the vehicle will save valuable space that can be used to seat more people or smaller items. Most luggage racks have a fairly simple design that consist of a checkered board that is secured to the vehicles roof rack or roof itself with the use of mounts. Once the luggage is placed on this checkered board, tie downs or rope is ran around the luggage and tightened on all sides using the checkered rack. Using a stale and flat board under all the luggage instead of just tying it down using the roof rack will prevent any sliding or shifting. The platform of most luggage racks will likely be checkered so that luggage of all different sizes can be properly secured. Ensuring that the luggage is completely stable when tied on the roof is very important because if luggage falls off the car, it can cause an accident if other cars following behind run into it.

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