Ladder Racks

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Ladder Racks
Ladder Racks

Ladder racks are used on large vehicles, such as trucks and vans,and make transporting larger ladders easier, and safer. These racks are essential for people who transport ladders around on a regular basis which is why you see them so much on vehicles that are used in the painting and construction industry. Ladder racks can sometimes be very large and extensive because they have to support a large ladder that is subjected to high winds when driving down the road.

To provide a sturdy mounting surface for the ladder racks, it will normally be attached to the insides of the truck bed or on the outside panels of a van. This means that installation of most ladder racks will probably require small amounts of drilling in order to get a stable mounting surface. To prevent bending or swaying, the material used to make ladder racks is normally aluminum or steel tubing which is plated or powder coated to prevent corrosion. Having a ladder rack will make transportation of a ladder much faster and easier because most racks will require very little securing of the ladder itself when transporting. This is due to the racks design which incorporates mounting points that keep the ladder snug as it is lifted into place.

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