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Automotive Keyless Entry
Automotive Keyless Entry

Keyless entry is a way to electronically unlock or lock a vehicle, without the use a traditional key. A keyless entry system can be controlled by either a keypad, or a remote. Keyless entry systems that are controlled by a remote are referred to as a remote entry system. This system is controlled by a remote or a key fob which sends signals to the system located in the device that the remote is communicating with when buttons are pressed. Some vehicles also use keypads placed on the vehicle to unlock the doors. Keyless entry systems started gaining popularity in the 1980’s and has seen widespread use ever since.

Keyless entry systems that use a remote have a short range radio transmitter. This signal can reach to ranges of up to 60 feet or further. When you press a button on the remote, a coded signal is sent using radio waves were it is picked up by the remote entry system inside the vehicle. Most remotes in North American vehicles operate at a frequency of 315 MHz. Vehicles made in Europe, Japan, and Asia are likely operating at 433.92 MHz. Modern remote operated systems use encryption in the radio waves which prevents thieves from intercepting the signal and using it to unlock the vehicle at a later time.

Keyless entry systems which use a remote or keypad are usually pre programmed by the manufacturer before the vehicle is sold. Programming of the system and the transmitter can vary depending on the type of vehicle and its manufacturer. It is often programmed by holding or releasing a button on the remote or keypad which sends a signal that is picked up by the keyless entry system where it is stored.

When the keyless entry system receives a correct signal from a key fob or has a correct code typed in on a keypad, the vehicle will usually make a signal that the process has been completed. On some vehicles this signal can be flashing of the headlights or a distinctive sound. Some keyless entry systems will have a system that senses when the transmitter has come in range of the vehicle which will unlock all the doors without having to press a button. This system has sensors that can tell if the transmitter is in range. Having an advanced keyless entry system like this usually doesn’t require the key to be in the ignition to start the vehicle. It might just have a button on the dash that you press to turn the vehicles engine on or off.

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