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Automotive Key FOB
Automotive Key FOB

A key fob is a device, that allows access to a vehicle easier. Key fob's are popular on vehicles where they transmit signals to the wireless entry system which then allows the vehicle to perform certain tasks. A key fob also offers better convenience and security because it allows the user to unlock doors, set the alarm, open the trunk, and even start the engine on the vehicle. Key fob's have become a popular accessory when buying a car because they are easy to use and very reliable.

Key fob's will only work on vehicles with a remote entry system because that is what picks up the signal in the vehicle. Most key fob's in North American vehicles operate at a frequency of 315 MHz. Vehicles made in Europe, Japan, and Asia are most likely operating at 433.92 MHz. Modern remote operated systems use encryption which prevents thief’s from intercepting the signal and using it to unlock the vehicle at a later time.

Key fob's work by sending a simple code through radio waves which is picked up by the remote entry system inside the vehicle. This remote entry system is what gets programmed by a mechanic to make a button that’s pressed on the key fob do what it is meant to do on the vehicle. Being able to program another key fob is essential because over time it is likely that you may lose or break it. Programming of a key fob is usually done by the vehicles manufacturer because there are numerous amounts of ways which it can be programmed. The most common method used to program a key fob is to turn the remote entry system and the key fob to programming mode. When pressing or depressing a button on the key fob, a signal is sent out and picked up by the remote entry system which stores that code. After all programming is over; both of the devices are taken out of programming mode and are ready for use.

Key fob's are becoming more integrated into the structure of modern day vehicles. When key fobs were first used, they unlocked doors and may have been used to turn on or off the alarm. Modern key fob's can do what the older ones do but are also able to start the engine, open doors and the trunk automatically, and control the garage door. Being able to start the car remotely will save a trip out into the cold to turn on the car to warm it up. Key fobs are usually powered by small batteries which last years and can be replaced easily.

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