Jeep & SUV Soft Tops

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Jeep & SUV Soft Tops
Jeeps & SUV Soft Tops

Jeep and SUV soft tops are available on these types of vehicles because it provides protection for the interior components and the people inside. A soft top provides all of the same protection that a permanently fixed hard top does and it still allows the top to be easily folded up or removed on nice days to experience the freedom of having no top at all. Soft tops are available in many different shapes and styles to fit the application of just about any kind of jeep or SUV. These soft tops can vary from a top that completely covers the entire back of the vehicle to a top that only runs along the length of the roof.

The features included in most soft tops with also vary depending upon the type of top being used. Most soft tops will have features such as plastic windows and interior lights which are essential when the vehicle is being used at night. Since soft tops are usually removed and installed allot more than an ordinary hard top, it is common to use additional accessories such as quick release bow knuckles. Accessories like this are used because it makes installation of the top much faster and easier to do.

The fabric material used to make a soft top is normally vinyl or denim because they are extremely strong and resistant to deterioration when exposed to harsh elements for long periods of time. Other materials such as plastic and metal may be used in the construction of a soft top for the frame/mounting points or the windows. It is important to clean and protect the fabric material on a soft top because failure to do so can really reduce the lifespan of the soft fabric. To better clean and protect a soft top, a special cleaner that uses less harmless chemicals should be used because it will extend the life of the soft top and keep it feeling nice and fresh, even after long periods of being subjected to harsh weather conditions.

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