Jeep & SUV Hard Tops

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Jeep & SUV Hard Tops
Jeeps & SUV Hard Tops

Jeep and SUV hard tops are used in order to provide security, and comfort as a fixed roof would. Hard tops are most commonly found on jeeps and SUVs that spend allot of time in cold environments because driving around with a soft top or no top at all is not really an option in that kind of weather. Allot of people will have both a hard top and a soft top so that the two can be switched out depending on the weather or the application of the vehicle.

Hard tops for jeeps and SUVs come in many different shapes and styles so that one can be chosen to match the vehicle and its purpose. A hard top for this type of vehicle can range from a full blown luxury model that has windows and interior features to just a plain top that is a flat hard surface all around. The very fancy model is better on vehicles that will have it equipped as the main top year round while a plain model top is better when only using a hard top a few times a year. Since there are many different size jeeps and SUVs, it is important to get a hard top that will fit the length and curves of the vehicle perfect.

Jeep and SUV hard tops can come with a variety of different features that are not common in most soft tops. The main feature that is noticeable in a hard top is normally glass windows. Even thought though soft tops will sometimes have cutouts for soft windows, almost all hard tops will have them because it is a feature that is commonly seen on vehicles which have a fixed roof. The use of insulation on the hard top is another commonly used feature because it reduces most noise that is produced by the vehicle or the road. This reduction in noise will increase the comfort level inside the vehicle. Since most hard tops cover the entire rear of the vehicle, the use of lights inside the top itself is very common so that people inside can see things such as the seat belt at night. The color of the interior and exterior of the top will also vary so that the rest of the vehicle and the top itself can be matched up to increase the vehicles looks and give it a permanent look.

Installation of a hard top on a jeep or SUV can be a very difficult since the top itself can be very heavy. The materials used to make a hard top are normally fiberglass, ABS plastic, and a variety of different metals. This means that the weight of each individual hard top will vary depending on the materials being used. Because of the hard tops weight, it is common for people who change out their tops allot to have a special system of hoists or lifts which can be used to get the hard top on and off easier. Once a hard top is in place, it is secured to the vehicle with clamps and mounts just like any other kind of jeep or SUV top would be secured.

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