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Automotive Hood Pins

Hood pins are an essential and inexpensive accessory, used when a high performance vehicle's appearance is important. Hood pins and locks, are designed to keep a hood down on a high performance vehicle that doesn’t have a hood locking mechanism. Using hood pins or locks will reduce the weight in the front of the vehicle which will help increase performance. Hood pins or locks are also used a lot on vehicles that are using a lighter carbon fiber hood that may not be able to completely hold the hood down with a latch in one spot. Using hood pins or locks on both corners of the front of the hood will provide for a more secure fit.

Hood pins are also used a lot for their sporty look. Pins are also used in the presence of a hood lock in some vehicles as a backup in case the hood lock fails. Hood pins come in a variety of colors but are usually found in chrome.

Hood pins are secured using a trim plate which is screwed to the hood. A wire is secured inside the engine compartment and ran underneath the hood or though the grille. The pin at the other end of the wire is then secured to the trim plate with a clip which holds everything together. This method of holding the hood down usually sacrifices the security that a hood lock offers. This leaves expensive engine components vulnerable to thieves.

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