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Automotive Chrome Hood Pins
Automotive Chrome Hood Pins

Hood pins are designed to keep a vehicle's hood down, on high performance vehicles that do not have a hood locking mechanism. Hood pins are used to reduce the weight on the front part of the vehicle which will increase performance. Using hood pins is common on vehicles that have a lighter carbon fiber hood that may not be able to completely hold down a hood with a latch in one spot. Using multiple hood pins is necessary to make sure the hood is completely secured and won’t fly up while driving.

Hood pins are mainly used by every day drivers for their sporty look. Having hood pins is a good way to dress-up the front of the vehicle and make it look more aggressive. When using hood pins for only for a sportier look, a regular hood lock is usually necessary since most of the hood pins on the market are not designed to hold the hood down on a regular basis. Having a regular hood lock when using hood pins for looks also will help prevent theft since hood pins are easily taken off to get to the components in the engine compartment. Hood pins come in a variety of colors but are most popular in chrome.

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