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Automotive Hood Latch

A hood lock is a simple mechanism on the hood of a vehicle used to prevent unauthorized access to the engine compartment, and to prevent the hood from opening, while the vehicle is in operation. Hood lock's are usually opened from the inside of the passenger cabin by pulling on a lever near the bottom of the steering column. There is normally two hood lock's on a vehicle to make sure the hood doesn’t fly up while driving which can cause extensive damage to the hood and windshield. It would also block your view of the road which can cause you to get in an accident which is another reason why a hood lock is so important. A hood lock are also used to prevent thieves from getting into the engine compartment where there is a lot of expensive parts that can easily be bolted off and stolen.

The first hood lock is normally unlatched by pulling the hood release handle in the passenger cabin. This handle has a cable attached to it which runs through the engine compartment to the hood latch. This cable is usually wrapped in a plastic coating to help provide protection from corrosion since it runs through the engine compartment. After pulling the handle, the latch should release causing the hood to pop up a few inches until it is stopped by the safety latch.

The safety latch is installed only in case the first latch opens on accident. The safety latch has a release lever which normally has rubber coating to help identify it in the small gap. This lever is pushed to one side through the inch or two opening which opens the latch and releases the hood. As the latch is pushed open, the hood is able to be lifted open and propped open on a rod. Since these latches are exposed to the elements inside the engine compartment, they should be lubricated every now and then to make sure they open and close properly.

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