Hitch Receiver Covers

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Hitch Receiver Covers
Hitch Receiver Covers

The receiver part of the hitch is one of the only openings in the hitch tubing, so water, mud and grime can get into the hitch and cause rust and corrosion. Much of the metal in the interior of the hitch is not protected with a finish and may rust quickly. Stopping corrosion on or inside the hitch is important because corrosion weakens the metal over time which can be a safety hazard while towing. Hitch receiver covers are used at the end of the square receiver,this allows additional customization of the vehicle and it protects the internal metal inside the hitch from corrosion.

The main reason hitch receiver covers are used is provide a personalized look to the back of a vehicle. These covers can be as simple as a rubber insert or as complex as a metal fixture, such as a propeller that spins in the wind. Over the years, hitch covers that utilize the wiring for the trailer lights have become available, so that glowing fixtures can be installed in the hitch to perform as an extra brake light. For lifted trucks, a hitch that doubles as a step is also available, in order to access the truck's bed easily. These larger hitch covers are secured with a pin that resembles the pin used in the towing ball mount, however, the smaller rubber covers are slid into place and do not require a pin. There are hitch covers that come in a variety of different shapes, sizes, logos, and designs.

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