Hitch Mount Cargo Carriers

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Hitch Mount Cargo Carriers
Hitch Mount Cargo Carriers

A hitch mounted cargo carrier is an accessory,which provides added storage space on a vehicle,which has a hitch receiver installed. This carrier attaches to the hitch receiver and rests behind the bumper, where it can be used to store large things such as bikes, ice chests, and luggage. A hitch cargo mount is ideal when looking to create more cargo space for long trips or when transporting a car full of people which limits storage space. One of the best things about a hitch mounted cargo carrier is that it can be removed or attached within minutes. This means that it can be installed when it is needed or removed for regular driving were the added storage is not needed. To install a cargo carrier hitch, the carrier is slid into the hitch and locked into place with a pin, which runs through the hitch receiver.

The shape and design of a hitch mounted cargo carrier varies,however many are a simple rectangle,which are about wide as the car. Allot of these carriers will have rails that run around the border so that bungee cords and tie downs can be used to secure whatever is inside. Since car mounted cargo carriers extend out past the bumper, they will usually have bright stickers or lights to warn following drivers that the vehicle has an extended edition. There are many different size hitch receivers that are used and it is important to get a cargo carrier that matches the hitch receiver on your vehicle. The most common hitch size is a class II but many smaller vehicles will use a class I hitch because that is all the vehicles frame can support.

Hitch mounted cargo carriers are made from a variety of materials, but the most common material used, is steel. Steel is most commonly used because it can hold alot of weight without bending. This steel is typically powder coated,in order to prevent corrosion. The floor in most hitch mounted cargo carriers is slotted,in order to release any rain that may have gotten inside. Some hitch mounted cargo carriers enclosed so that small cargo can be stored without flying out,while driving. These cargo carriers are typically made out of plastic and metal.

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