Highland Cambuckle Tie-Downs 4-Pack

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4-Pack Cambuckle Tie-Downs
4-Pack Cambuckle Tie-Downs

The 4-Pack Cambuckle Tie-Downs by Highland Products is a kit of adjustable tie-downs that can be used to firmly secure cargo in your truck bed or on a trailer. With a working load limit of 300 pounds and breaking strength of 900 pounds, these tie-downs are better suited for securing standard size cargo such as lawn mowers, snow blowers, and other appliances. The high working load and breaking point are achieved using a 1 inch wide polyester strap, which is extremely strong, yet still flexible enough to easily be wrapped around cargo with ease. Each tie-down features power web plus webbing to protect both the cargo and the vehicle. The tubular edge design combined with a unique high-strength weave design makes the straps up to 4 times more cut and tear-resistant and over 20 percent more abrasion resistant than standard webbing. Using this tie-down is fast and easy...just press, pull tight, and you'll be on your way.

To make attaching either end of the tie-down easier and faster, a coated S-Hook is used on both sides. These tie-downs receive a Class R coating to protect against surface abrasion and S-Hooks on each tie-down are also coated to prevent marring and scratching. Whether you’re driving a new purchase home from the store or going out on a camping trip, the high quality 4-Pack Cambuckle Tie-Downs can be used to help with any of your securing needs.

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