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Hauler Racks


About Us

Hauler Racks
Hauler Racks

Hauler Racks is a leading manufacturer and producer of innovative and technologically advanced truck, van, and camper racks for commercial and recreational use. Since 1985 they have been making high quality, ergonomic racks that are one piece, which means they do not have welds that can break and are engineered to bolt together. They are dedicated to meeting the needs of all types of contractors and have designed their racks to look great year after year and save money on fuel. Their products are proudly made in the U.S.A and they take pride in the great detail that goes in to making their racks and accessories. Hauler Racks produces these state-of-the-art racks: Hauler I/II series for trucks and vans, Universal Econo Truck Racks, Removable Truck Side Ladder Racks, Hauler II Cap Racks, Side Mount Campershell Ladder Rack, Top Mount Campershell Ladder Rack, Universal Aluminum Van Racks, Commercial Universal Aluminum Van Racks along with a complete line of accessories to complete the rack’s appearance, function, and installation. Hauler Racks also surpasses industry norms with their dedication to quality and customer service and differs from their competitors due to their ability to ship via U.P.S.. The ergonomic design and innovation of these racks is a testament to Hauler Racks' commitment to quality and excellence.

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Contact Us

Mailing Address
1800 Freeway Blvd
Minneapolis, MN 55430-1708

Telephone Numbers
Sales: (800) 843-5445
Corporate: (763) 546-5620

Web Information
Web Address: http://www.haulerracks.com/index.html
E-Mail: sales@haulerracks.com

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