G.H. Meiser Tire Gauge with Pressure Release Valve

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Tire Gauge with Pressure Release Valve

The pressure release tire gauge by G.H. Meiser helps you keep your tires in optimal condition so that they perform their best in all different kinds of conditions. This little device isn't just cleverly designed and colorful; it's also a powerful tool. Maintenance is everything, and your tires usually don’t require much. Keep them inflated at the correct pressure, and they'll drive great, save gas and keep you comfortable. Neglecting your tires is a pricey chance you don't have to take if you keep this affordable tire gauge in your glove box or storage container.

The Accu-Gage pressure release tire gauge has a nice size readout so you can easily see the totals without much trouble. With this gauge, a quick tire pressure check shows you your tire pressure and holds the reading until you decide to release the button. This gauge also allows you to bleed out any excess air at a touch of a button. The fitting size of this gage is 1 ½” and its operating range is 60 PSI.

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G.H. Meiser

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