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Tire Gauge

The model S60X tire gauge by G.H. Meiser is a high quality gauge which can be used to ensure you have the right amount of pressure in your vehicles tires. Driving with the wrong tire pressure can be both dangerous and costly. You can have the best tires out there, but if the tire pressure isn't right, your car loses stability and becomes difficult to handle. If you usually just check your pressure at a gas station, you have to keep in mind that those gauges might be older and less accurate than you think. This gauge has a full-geared, solid brass precision movement to give you an accurate reading every time. The S60X tire gauge also helps prolong the life of your tires. When pressure is too low, tires can easily overheat and lose the quality of their grip. When the pressure is too high, your tires lose contact with the road, which damages the tire tread. Fortunately, this gauge delivers spot-on readings, regardless of the temperature, humidity or altitude. Seeing these reading is made easy by the gauges 2” dial. The model S60X tire gauge is so universal because it can measure anywhere between 5 – 160 PSI. The quality and craftsmanship used in the construction of this dial is so good that it comes with a lifetime warranty.

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