Fuel System Additive

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Fuel System Additive

Fuel additives are chemicals which can be added to your engines fuel mixture to prevent deposit buildups and help your engine run as clean and efficient as possible. Gasoline sold throughout most of the world already has additives in it but in many cases, these additives are used in such a small amount that they don’t necessarily always work the way they are supposed to. Because of this, many people will add these additives directly in the fuel tank were they can be mixed in with the gas. Using fuel that doesn’t have enough additives in it can cause destructive deposits in the carburetor, fuel injectors, intake valves, and ports. Besides reducing carbon deposits, fuel additives can also be used to clean combustion chambers, reduce engine knocking and pinging, relive cold start issues, and remove harmful sulfur deposits from gas gauge sensors to protect them from malfunctions. There are many different kinds of fuel additives available on the market which is why it is important to read what each individual additive is designed to do. Fuel additives can be used in engines of all shapes and sizes, no matter the engines application.

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