Fuel Pressure Regulators

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Fuel Pressure Regulator
Fuel Pressure Regulator

A fuel pressure regulator is a component used on a vehicles fuel system,to maintain fuel pressure ,for proper fuel atomization. The most common place that a fuel pressure regulator is placed is in the fuel rail. The fuel rail is a good location, because it allows excess fuel exiting the rail through the fuel pressure regulator, to enter the fuel return line, which goes to the fuel tank. The fuel pressure regulator is also placed in the fuel tank on some vehicles right next to the fuel pump.

Fuel pressure regulators are designed to meet the specific fuel pressure that the vehicle it is made to take. In the regulator housing there is a spring, which pushes against a diaphragm. The pressure of the spring is pre-set by the manufacturer, to meet a desired fuel pressure. The fuel pump works in tandem with the fuel regulator because it has to provide enough pressure and fuel to overcome the pressure of the spring.

Extra fuel which is provided by the pump,but not accepted by the regulator, is sent back to the fuel tank using the fuel return line. The fuel pressure regulator has a vacuum hose connected to it which forces the diaphragm and spring together creating more pressure. This results in a lower fuel pressure when the vehicle is at idle because there is a high vacuum inside the intake manifold. As the vehicle accelerates and the vacuum in the intake manifold drops, the fuel pressure increases to provide more fuel to the engine, because it is burning fuel faster.

A bad fuel regulator may cause fluctuations in the volume of fuel, in the fuel line. A working fuel regulator allows the fuel to remain around 40-50 psi. Symptoms of a bad fuel pressure regulator are excessive fuel pressure, lack of fuel pressure, a rich running engine, and a delay in building significant fuel pressure.

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