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Fuel Line
Fuel Line

Fuel lines are tubing, which is designed to move fuel or fuel vapor in a vehicle. Fuel lines are used in the filler neck, connections between dual fuel tanks, and for connecting a carbon canister to the fuel tank. Fuel lines are typically made from a strong material such as, reinforced rubber, which prevents cracking and splitting. Some fuel lines are also made out of light weight metals such as aluminum, which lasts longer than materials like rubber. Metal fuel lines use nuts and fittings, to hold the lines together and provide for a fast and easy connection. Fuel lines are available in many colors, which will help dress up the engine compartment. Using different colored lines also helps distinguish where the fuel lines are going and coming from.

Fittings are used on fuel lines to repair a broken line, or to help guide the lines through turns or small spaces. A rubber fuel line which is bent for long periods of time is likely to encounter a leak or break. Using a corner fitting instead of bending the rubber line, increases its lifespan and eliminates leaks. Replacing the fuel lines is common in older vehicles and in high performance vehicles that may need larger diameter line that can carry more fuel. Tube sleeves are also common on fuel lines and are usually made out of fiberglass. This sleeve helps protect the line from tears and heat in the engine compartment which can melt or distort non protected lines. Most fuel lines are designed to handle over 100 psi. That psi rating is plenty because a standard fuel injection system typically supplies the fuel lines, around 40 to 50 psi of fuel.

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